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Our experienced team has sectoral local and global knowledge and experience in identifying, managing and transferring risks in an effective and systematic way. Our expert engineers provide consultancy on the determination of risk management standards, the optimization of risk management and transfer through applications such as fixed asset risk analysis, and the taking of proactive measures.

Risk Yönetim Danışmanlığı

Risk Management Consultancy


Risk management is not a situation that is frequently encountered in our daily life and is not only the subject of businesses. Everyone, from the individual to the company basis, from the organizations we are in to the states, lives with the risk factor. Risk is the name of the process in which internal and external environmental factors that are likely to occur in the future and that may affect the activities of ourselves or our institution occur. Risk is actually a concept of the future, not a concept of the past. It is the name given to the possibility that future events will affect our strategies, goals and ways of doing business. When we look at it in this way, we should actually spend our whole life being aware of the risk that we are facing. Because no one knows exactly what they will encounter in the next minute, neither in their business life nor in their private life. Therefore, it is the concept of uncertainty that creates risk. 

The scope of a risk can be expressed as:

Risk = Probability x Significance

Probability is the probability of an event occurring and severity is the extent and cost of the loss incurred.

Our aim is to seek a solution to what we can do without Damage.

Risk Analiz Raporları

Risk Analysis Reports


We want to contribute to the Risk Awareness of our Customers by examining the risks of businesses, creating Risk Matrices, and Risk Matrices. With the changing and developing technology, production and service processes have become more complex. Due to business blindness, the risks posed by these complexities and intricate structures cannot be clearly monitored by businesses. Monitoring and reporting the businesses in certain periods with an independent eye gives significant support to the Risk Awareness principle.

Risk awareness determines the concept of Risk Appetite of institutions. The direct contribution of risks to production, the correct analysis of risks and making them manageable are indispensable concepts for business continuity -Business Interraption-.

With Risk Analysis reports, we provide all these services to our customers with our expert consultant staff.

Mühendislik Faaliyetleri

Engineering Activities


With the changing and developing technology and production models, the processes of production become areas that require expertise. Advances in materials science and new developments in the software industry appear in every aspect of our business life.

We follow all the innovations in the world in order to analyze and identify the risks correctly. By using high technology, it is possible to detect risks on the spot and propose solutions with special software.

Together with Risk Engineering, Risk Analysis and Survey Companies that are experts in their fields, we provide special services to our customers.

Çalışan Yan Hakları

Employee Benefits


     The most important values of our businesses are employees. In this area, where we act jointly with the HR Departments of our customers, we aim to correctly identify the risks posed by our employees, to update our responsibilities towards our employees, and to increase the motivation of our employees with insurance principles and activities.

We provide services and consultancy on many issues such as corporate life insurance systems, Group health packages, health institution agreements, pandemic management.

Katastrofobik Durum Analizleri

Catastrophobic Situation Analysis


      _cc781905-5cde-3194-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf The service is to ensure the sustainability of businesses under extraordinary conditions in a catastrophic damage. In addition to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and storms, it is very important to prepare and update plans before macro risks such as terrorist attacks and pandemic processes occur. As Helmet Brokering, we make Catastrophic Situation Analysis and preparations, master plans, alternative scenario studies for our customers.

Yeni Yatırım Danışmanlığı

New Investment Advisory


     In the growing and developing world trade, the existence and sustainability of institutions goes in parallel with the criteria of “growth. In the new investment plans of our customers, we provide services to determine the changing and added risks, and to determine the changing insurance risks and costs.

Our Purpose Our Customers; To contribute to Business Continuity by accurately and timely detecting the changing and complex Risks while growing, increasing in volume.

Satın Almalar-Birleşmeler



acquiring       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-58_d58d_bad5cf or mergers directly affect risks and risk – insurance costs. To determine the changing risk facts and costs fully and completely, to accurately report the changing Risk Appetite of our customers, by accompanying our customers in their acquisition-merger processes.

Hasar Senaryoları

Damage Scenarios


     One of the most important factors that support business continuity is interrupted by a potential damage in production and operational processes. They are scenarios.

Our Damage Scenarios service, which can be defined as accurately determining the "Damage Economy" resulting from damage, and preparing the system that will provide rapid return, has gained a lot of importance today.

We provide services with our experienced team in determining all possible damage scenarios starting from geographical and physical risks, process and calendar management, crisis center, customers-suppliers-public-public authority management, according to the field of activity.

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